Our History

Family owned Schoolhouse Grill believes lunch is an essential component to children's success during the school day. That’s why we offer nutritious, well-balanced meals that are healthy and taste great. Our meals are developed to meet the USDA nutritional requirements for school aged children.

Since 2001, our sole purpose has been to provide exceptional quality food and service to our schools and their students. This is why we have quickly become Northern Virginia's most highly regarded and experienced provider of school meal services. We have specific areas of focus in daycare & preschool and elementary through high school.

Our different varieties of dishes are complemented by fresh fruits and vegetables when possible. In addition to hot lunches, we offer numerous breakfast and snack options. All delivered to your school on a daily basis. Please contact us to discuss how Schoolhouse Grill can assist your school with its meal needs.

Nutritionally Focused

Schoolhouse Grill meets or exceeds all accreditations that are based on the USDA Guidelines for school aged children nutritional requirements. Used to assist in development of well balanced meals, the Traditional Food-Based Menu Planning Approach offers five food items from four food components: meat/meat alternate, vegetables and/or fruits, grains/breads, and milk.

Food Safety Proven

Fully permitted by the Virginia Department of Health, our commercial kitchen facility utilizes the highest quality equipment available to ensure that proper care is taken with food preparation and delivery.

Budget Friendly

In most cases, Schoolhouse Grill can provide all the benefits for less than it will cost for you to do it yourself. Our most cost effective hot lunch program is our standard family style option. We also offer individually packaged lunch programs and custom menu plans. Our primary focus is providing Quality Foods and Superior Service without the excessive cost.

Sample Menu and Ingredients

Below is a small sample of the type of lunches Schoolhouse Grill provides. Our menu focuses on foods kids love. All of our meals exceed nutrition standards set by the USDA Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

Food allergies? Our menus never contain peanut or peanut products. Please review our allergy notice at the top of our Menu Ingredients page. 

To see the Menu Ingredients, please click the "See All Ingredients" tab below.

Our Kitchen

Schoolhouse Grill’s commercial kitchen incorporates cooking stations with the appropriate equipment to operate each of station. The types of cuisine offered by Schoolhouse Grill, as well as our philosophy and preparation techniques determine the focus and the number of the stations operated each day.

Our high grade cooking equipment, hot and cold holding stations, combined with our customized on-board hot holding and refrigerated food service vehicles has been developed with the philosophy that is but just a brief stopping point in our farm to table food service goal.

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